African ChangeMakers Initiative Awards 2021

African ChangeMakers Initiative Awards 2021

Deadline: May 31, 2021


  • Nominee must have a company/project/initiative you had been working on/working with the impact that can be verified.
  • Nominee company/project/initiative must be beneficiary to Africa people or the African continent.
  • The nominee will make a 60 seconds (one minute) video of themselves telling us the following in the video – Nominee Full Name, Country name, name of your company/project/initiative, impact it had in the community or across Africa, why nominee deserves the award and why you are Africa’s Changemaker.

Applications for the African ChangeMakers Initiative Awards 2021 are now open. The Awards identifies and celebrates excellence, leadership, entrepreneurial ingenuity of social entrepreneurs, businesses, technologist, and social innovators in individuals, programs, teams, groups, or organizations across Africa and the world.

The African ChangeMakers Initiative identifies people or organizations turning problems into solutions on a large scale, defender of humanity, peace & freedom, and planet protection. ACI Awards honors dedicated life works, careers, impacting businesses, philanthropic, educationist, social or civic servant, and other deserving causes in Africa. Awardees will be honored during African ChangeMakers Leadership Summit (#ACLeads2021) event.


Group A

  • African ChangeMakers Rising Star Award – Emerging Leader pursuing careers with a portfolio or doing extraordinary things related to tech innovation, social innovation, design thinking, and changemaking.
  • African ChangeMakers Courage Awards — Emerging Leader – that choose to make education a priority while facing life challenging events, such as homelessness, heartache, financial hardship, family turmoil, illness, substance abuse and physical disabilities.

Group B

  • African ChangeMakers Agricultural Award
  • African ChangeMakers Health & Wellness Award
  • African ChangeMakers Innovative Education Award – quality education, accessibility, affordability.
  • African ChangeMakers Environmental & Climate Award -climate, water, land
  • African ChangeMakers Industry & Infrastructure Award
  • African ChangeMakers Humanity, Peace & Civil Rights Defender Award
  • African ChangeMakers Women Advancement Award – reduce inequalities, domestic violence, education etc.
  • African ChangeMakers Clean & Renewable Energy Award- reduce, reuse, recycle, consumption and production – Innovative & Digital Cities
  • African ChangeMakers Partnership & Community Development Award – diaspora, friends of Africa, country for Africa, company for Africa
  • African ChangeMakers Governance Leadership – Strong Institution & Policymakers Award- public figures for their significant contributions to the country and its communities
  • African ChangeMakers Future of Work & Employment Award- workforce, employment
  • African ChangeMakers Creative Arts & Entertainment Award
  • African ChangeMakers Tech & Innovation Award
  • African ChangeMakers Diversity & Inclusiveness Award


  • African ChangeMakers Men/Women of the Year Awards
  • African ChangeMakers Lifetime Leader Award


  • Award Recipients outside Nigeria will be given e-plaques, e-Badge and e-certificates which can be printed out and framed for display.
  • Award Recipients in Nigeria will be given a plaque and e-Badge.
  • ACi will also recognize some high-level organizations/individuals in some categories for the well-known impact they are making.


ACiAwards 2021 is an online application and e-voting system process thereby enabling all African nations to send in nominations across the world.

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Women in Africa 54 (WIA54) Programme for Women Entrepreneurs 2021

Women in Africa 54 (WIA54) Programme for Women Entrepreneurs 2021

Deadline: May 7, 2021

Applications for the Women in Africa 54 (WIA54) Programme 2021 are now open. The WIA 54 programme promotes women entrepreneurship in Africa since 2017. Each year, it endows 54 African women entrepreneurs from 54 African countries with a comprehensive support package consisting of training, communication, mentoring and networking.

In 2021, WIA rolls out its 2030 plan, which multiplies the number of beneficiaries of the programme by 10! This year, before appointing the 54 laureates, the jury will make an initial selection of 10 finalists per country. Thus, 540 women candidates will benefit from training and coaching. Through this newly introduced initiative, WIA aims at supporting more than 10,000 women entrepreneurs, indirectly contributing to the creation of 100,000 jobs, by 2030.

From this strengthened pool of entrepreneurs, the jurors will then select the 54 country laureates and 9 sectoral prize winners who will receive a comprehensive package of support to further boost their success!


  • Training & Mentoring
    • Take part in an online training Bootcamp.
    • Receive an offered training by one of the 58 campuses of their partner Honoris united universities.
    • Be mentored and coached by an experienced leader.
  • Network
    • Integrate a network of more than 100,000 members worldwide.
    • Have access to privileged consulting sessions with their partners.
    • Have direct contact with pan-African and global experts.
  • International Exposure
    • Speak at international webinars.
    • Broadcast your projects on WIA platforms.


  • Open to business created or led by an African woman.
  • Startup created less than 5 years ago.
  • First traction on the market (sales, number of users, funds raised).
  • Be part of one of the 8 categories (primary business category):
    • Education
    • Health
    • Agriculture
    • Environment
    • FinTech
    • Digital & Technology
    • Creative Industries
    • Beauty Industries

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the projects:

  • Innovative product, service or technology
  • Proven business model scalability
  • Strong growth potential
  • Ambitious team with strong execution ability
  • Market traction (revenue, number of users, funds raised)
  • Potential impact in Africa


For all your questions related to your application contact WIA at: and for your questions related to WIA in general:


Afya Bora Consortium Fellowship in Global Health Leadership 2021 (Stipend available)

Afya Bora Consortium Fellowship in Global Health Leadership 2021 (Stipend available)

Deadline: October 9, 2020


  • Applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident of Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, or Uganda
  • They must meet one of the following education requirements:
    • Medical applicants need to have a M.D. or MBChB with a MMed or Master’s degree in related field.
    • Nursing applicants need to have a Master’s degree in nursing, public health or a related field (PhD preferred), or substantial work experience.
    • Other public health professionals (those without a clinical degree) must have a Doctoral degree in public health or a related field.

Applications for the Afya Bora Consortium Fellowship in Global Health Leadership 2021 are now open. The Afya Bora Fellowship will provide trainees with a set of practical skills that will prepare them for leadership positions in government, non-government, and academic health institutions in developing countries.

The 9-month training program has two components

  • Distance learning modules.
  • A mentored, project-based assignment to an attachment site at academic, local government, or non-governmental health organizations in partner African countries.

The Afya Bora Consortium is a partnership of five African and four US universities formed to provide future global health leaders with practical skills that are currently not part of traditional training in the health professions. There is an urgent need for training programs based in Africa that will provide local health professionals with leadership, program management and evaluation skills. Partnership between African and US academic institutions are ideally suited to provide such training because they promote resource sharing and create linkages between the universities and both governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide health services in communities.


  • The Afya Bora Fellowship will provide each African fellow with a monthly stipend.


In order to complete your application, submit the following items by October 9, 2020.

  • Application for Training (the online form)
  • Statement of Training Objectives
  • CV or Resume
  • Two Recommendation Forms (emailed to Further detailed instructions are in the Letter of Recommendation section of the application.