The Future is Female. Remember that.

We are thankful that now more than ever, the girl child has been slowly recognized as an individual with dreams, visions with a lot to offer society, rather than a trophy given to a man most deserving of her when she comes of age.

The girl child has been taught to seek freedom and independence from within herself. A lot of communities have come together to ensure that women are taught trades and skills in order for them to have a means through which they make money.

While there are a lot of young girls doing business through online stores and physical shops, we have decided to teach these girls the art of professional writing and how they can make money from it. I mean, all young girls do not have to sell clothes, perfumes or some type of fashion item. They can be writers too!


Talent and the willingness to learn and improve, among other things, are needed the most on the journey to becoming a good writer. If girls are taught in this young age the skill of writing, it would benefit them and the society greatly. Writing is among the most sought after freelance jobs and it would benefit the society if future ready writers are created today.

Earning a living through writing is very possible. And young girls should be encouraged to do so now.


How can they make money from writing?


By writing a book

There are so many different things young girls can write a book on. While no idea is new, different people express the same ideas in different ways. It may be a fictional story, educational piece, a writing guide or poems. eBooks are straightforward to publish and people would pay to get a copy.


OneCareer Writing Network

They can get paid to create content for social media, research, business blogs and among others. The better they are at writing social media content, the more pay they would receive for their services. 


By entering writing competitions and winning

There are lots of writing competitions out there. Some of these competitions are locally organized while others are international. Young girls can register or apply for these writing competitions and earn cash prizes when they win.  

The Writing Process Hausa/English

You may be wondering why we have chosen to make the learning guide for the professional writing training available in both English and Hausa languages.

Translation of languages is a lucrative skill and attracts a higher pay than just writing in one language.

These young Hausa girls consider Hausa to be their first language. In fact, a good percentage of them, if not all, speak Hausa better than they speak English.

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